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Sink-Stove Opposition

Q: In my kitchen the sink is exactly opposite the stove. I have read that this creates a lot of conflict in the house. Since it is impossible for me to shift the position of the appliances I would appreciate if you could recommend a cure for this.

A: The secret to figuring out how to remedy this and many other feng shui situations is to understand why it has earned a position on the don’t list. This case is one of many in which the problem lies in the elements represented.

The stove is associated with FIRE, and the sink with WATER. Fire and water are natural enemies: water extinguishes fire, and fire evaporates water. That conflict between the elements is why a sink-opposite-stove kitchen layout is said to lead to arguments and tension in the home.
Sure, you could invest in a kitchen renovation and move your appliances around, but that’s a very costly and time-consuming solution. The standard cure for this feng shui problem is to introduce the WOOD element as a peacemaker. The WATER chi of the sink will go to nourishing the WOOD, and WOOD will feed FIRE. Everybody’s happy, and water and fire aren’t getting in each other’s face any more.

In a spacious kitchen, you might have a table or island between the sink and stove. In that case, a nice (healthy, green) houseplant on the table can be the cure. (A wooden table, BTW, does not count as a wood-type object: it has no living chi; is either a metal (round, oval) or earth (square, rectangular) shape; and usually an earth (brown) or metal (white) color.)

In a smaller kitchen, where there’s no room for a table, a green area rug in front of the sink, in front of the stove, or half-way between them, will provide the same benefit. The rug can either be a solid green, or might have a pattern of green vines or leaves.

If you can’t use a rug, hang a green (or leaf-patterned) kitchen towel over the oven door handle.

As a last resosrt, if you can’t find any way to place something green between the sink and stove, put a small plant or two near the sink, and something else to represent the wood element near the stove.

This is very basic feng shui advice, BTW, and just one of the many common situations I discuss in Fast Feng Shui. I strongly recommend that feng shui beginners take some time to study the five elements as well as the ba gua if they wish to apply feng shui successfully to their homes.

Hope this helps,

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