2015 – The Year of the Sheep

year of the sheep

2015 is the year of the Sheep. Chinese New Year 2015 in February has seen the Horse of the previous year trot away with all of our programs, and the gentle sheep return in it’s place.

2015 is the Year of the Sheep according to Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Sheep starts from Feb. 19, 2015 (the Lunar New Year / Spring Festival of China) and lasts to Feb. 7, 2016. Sheep (goat, or ram) is among the animals that people like most.

So get yourselves read to have the sheep (or ram) rule your world for the next year, this is the “green wood sheep” for those who wonder!

Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being

This month we chat about a DVD that will certainly be of interest to anyone thinking about Feng Shui and it’s implications. Called Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being, this documentary style video Deborah Gee runs almost an hour and has plenty of useful information in it. fook-feng-shui-dvd

The description is: Learn the ancient Chinese art of channeling chi for a harmonious life with Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being. Chi is the life force that runs through everything, and feng shui is the art of placing things in harmony with the environment, so that chi can flow freely. This introduction to the art of feng shui seeks to bring peace and happiness to your life and home.

Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being

A Master Course In Feng Shui

master course in fengshui

This fully illustrated, comprehensive workbook is designed primarily for homeowners, renters, architects, and business owners who want to put feng-shui to practical personal use—to choose a home, build a house, select an office, or find a retail space. Real estate agents, interior designers, and architects will also find it useful as a reference manual. The text and exercises proceed in systematic fashion from basic principles to specific projects, covering the following lessons:

• Evaluating the landscape and external environment by using the techniques of the Landform School
• Using the geomantic compass to chart patterns of energy within a building
• Planning the usage of space
• Matching occupants to a house
• Deciding on the placement of furniture
• Improving the feng-shui of a building with countermeasures, enhancers, and renovations
• Building a new house
• Choosing or designing an apartment, business suite, or retail space

This book has a very high rating overall, and most of the reviews are like this one:

This book is the answer when you’re looking for a genuine way to improve your life with feng shui. If you’re looking for a book that provide quick fix solutions simply by moving your furnitures, clearing your clutters and placing symbols, this book is not for you. Feng shui is much more deep than just an art of placement (which is normally last on the list). You will have to read this book from chapter one and do the excercises to fully understand the whole concept. It’s time consumming but it’s well worth the time. Have you seen a lot of Feng Shui books that the author has spent the time to set up exercises so that the readers can have a solid understanding of what’s being said? There’s no second book on the market that shares with you so much knowledge (including enhancements and countermeasures) for such little price. Of course this is not a book for a lazy person. There is a lot of information (no fancy colored photos nor fancy printing paper) and you will find yourself reading the book over and over again and still find new information each time. I have read so many books on Feng Shui that are in English and this book by far is only one that I recommend. The method of working the flying stars that Eva shows in the book is the most widely used by practioners in Asia and is the most sophisticated tool of Feng shui. Buy this book if you’re serious about Feng shui. The title “A Master Course in Feng Shui” really gives this book justice. The book is not just for entertainment, it really is a home-study course that will give you enough confidence to work on your own Feng shui. I am ever grateful to Dr. Eva Wong for her graciousness for sharing her invaluable knowledge on Feng Shui. Thank you so much and hopefully you will consider publishing another feng shui book in a near future.

So don’t miss out on this one! Get your copy of A Master Course in Feng-Shui now!

Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui

clear your clutter with feng shuiHere is another great book about Feng Shui, and this one addresses an issue that gets almost all of us, clutter.

Clutter is trapped energy that has far-reaching effects physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life by releasing negative emotions, generating energy, and allowing you to create space in your life for the things you want to achieve. In Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston, pioneer of a branch of Feng Shui known as Space Clearing, expertly guides you through the liberating task of clutter clearing.

You will learn:

Why you keep clutter, How to identify and clear clutter in your home or workplace, How to clear clutter from your body, mind, and spirit, and How to stay clutter-free

Here is a customer review of this book:

This book has changed my life!!It is a must for anyone who has trouble keeping clutter under control!I am a reformed clutterholic!! I have been a hoarder my whole life since high school, but after karen explained everything with so much sense and understanding, its like she broke an evil spell. I have now almost clutter cleared my entire 4 bedroom house and I have never felt so free,happy and at peace with myself. Now instead of dreading my house because it is so messy,I love it. I am a Law graduate, a skeptic but I tell your this book really works. Since clutter clearing,I feel happier, my mind is clearer and my relationships have improved. Everything karen says in the book is true. She makes you laugh and then you want to clean up your mess. You can feel like she really cares about you. Her book helped me so much I even went to a seminar she held in London!!My husband was so shocked by the change in me he started reading the book and even went to the seminar with me. People who I have passed this book onto have all benefited. If junk and clutter has been haunting your life for long enough, then take action now…let Karen help you, it will be one of the best things you have ever done !!

Want more? Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever

Jade For Protection in Feng Shui

jade street hong kong

Jade is one of the earth elements often associated with protection and good luck in Feng Shui. In places like Hong Kong, you can find stores filled with everything from jade trinkets to the traditional Jade Fu-Dogs to protect you from harm. The desire for protection should not come form fear, but from the basic understanding that there is a wide variety of feng shui energies all around us, and some of those energies are best left outside your own energy field. Thus, the ancient feng shui wisdom has developed a variety of feng shui ways to protect humans and their dwellings from low and attacking energies. By the same token, the classical feng shui school has a variety of feng shui charms and cures to attract beneficial energies, or Sheng Chi in order to create good luck, health and wealth.

You can use the classical feng shui cures in your home decor, in your garden decorations, as various feng shui accessories, or in body feng shui applications.

Find out more about Hong Kong and Jade Street Here!

Feng Shui That Makes Sense

There are a number of good books out there on Feng Shui. In the next few posts, we will look at a selection of these books

According to the book description:

You don’t need to be a professional designer or a feng shui expert in order to have a beautiful, comfortable home. Feng Shui That Makes Sense takes you step-by-step through the process of using feng shui principles to create a home that will please your eye, relax your body, inspire your mind, and lift your spirit.
After reading this book, you will be able to:
– Easily create a home of beauty, harmony, and comfort
– Learn basic feng shui principles that work every time in every space
– Improve the look and feel of any room in your home
– Discover the origins of popular feng shui myths and misunderstandings
– Enhance the areas of your home relating to Love, Money, Health, Family, and more
– Apply feng shui principles to your landscape and garden
– Integrate nature and natural materials into your living space
– Clear your home of unwanted energy
– Create a home that nurtures and inspires you physically, mentally, and spiritually
– Understand how and why your environment affects you the way it does

The reviews on this book are generally pretty good, it seems like a reasonable book at a novice to intermediate level that will allow you to explore Feng Shui more completely.

Feng Shui that Makes Sense – Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks

Feng Shui: Superstition or more?

There is plenty of discussion of the effectiveness of Feng Shui. While some people are true believers, others think it is nothing but superstition and hokum. This article from SBS Australia is a very good look at the overall subject.

IMHO, Feng Shui is very powerful, for a bunch of reasons. More than anything, if you take the time to pay attention to the things around you, and to make your living and work spaces harmonious and happy, you will work better and you will live better. The power of Feng Shui I think is often in that it focuses your attention on the things that we often forget, and we end up with much happier lives.

2012 The Year of the Dragon – 4709

2012 is the year of the Dragon – Happy New Year everyone! It’s the year 4709 by the Chinese calendar.

This is a “water dragon” year, which may mean things like more flooding, more natural disasters, and perhaps even continued cooling of the economy. It is also sometimes referred to as the Black Dragon or a Black Dragon year.

You can check out some information here for your new year (careful of all the ads!), and this story is a pretty good summary of what may lie ahead.

Is Your Home Feng Shui Positive?

Here is an interesting article from Suffolk Times about Feng Shui and your home. It’s a nice little primer on the subject, and raises some good questions and points, especially for people who are just starting out on Feng Shui. I particularly like the way that she compares stale air to stale energy. Clearly if the air cannot flow, the energy likely does not flow either. The article is certainly some interesting Feng Shui reading.

Read more here

Senior Chinese Official Who Supports Feng Shui Promoted

This is a very interesting story for supports of Feng Shui. It seem that Chinese senior official Wang Yinfeng from Chongqing municipality objected strongly to a building project in his area last year because it would hurt the feng shui of other buildings in the are and bring bad chi into the region. He was very agressive in his campaign, and he ordered a stop to the development. Some people felt that this would be a sort of career suicide. Well, the good chi must have been rolling his way, because this official has been promoted to deputy secretary-general of Chongqing municipal government. It seems that supporting feng shui can really bring good fortune!